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wedding at Casa Cornacchi, Tuscany

Casa Cornacchi is the perfect location for a country chic destination wedding in Italy. Located in the southern part of Tuscany – between Arezzo, Siena and, Grosseto –

Casa Cornacchi is immersed in the typical Tuscan scenery: a cypress avenue, fields of olive trees, golden hills, and lush. It is an excellent venue for a medium-sized wedding, with guests ranging from 20 to 80 people. Above all,  it’s the ideal place for those couples who want a symbolic or civil rite and an outdoor ceremony surrounded by a unique landscape. You will feel the rich cultural heritage of the Renaissance, traditional architecture, and ancient history. All the major Tuscan attractions, famous landscapes, wineries, and fashion malls are close enough to make it a perfect resort for those who wish both to relax and explore the region.

If I had to tell you something special about this structure, I would certainly talk about cuisine. The food prepared at Casa Cornacchi is matchless also because their local chefs produce most of the ingredients and deliver the most traditional, genuine recipes.

As a Tuscan photographer, my attention is always focused on the light and on all the details that allow me to arrange my couple’s shootings. But I still can recognize good food when I taste it and trust me, their food made me want to go back there just for my pleasure! For a couple who wants to celebrate their wedding in this beautiful country, I believe that a good Tuscan menu can make a huge difference.

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I have seen a lot of different places during my wedding services, from castles to villas, and I can tell when a location is worth the hype or not. Honestly, I would suggest Casa Cornacchi to all those couples looking for an elegant yet informal location, typically Tuscan, where the atmosphere is relaxed and jovial.

Venue: Casa Cornacchi 

Photography: Duccio Argentini

Wedding coordinator: Conamore




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