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Intimate wedding in Florence, Elopement in Tuscany

Jemma and Matthew are a young Australian couple who decided to make their elopement in Tuscany, a dream intimate wedding in Florence come true under the Tuscan sun.

An elopement in Tuscany sounds amazing so they preferred a very intimate wedding in Florence ceremony to lots of guests, and decided to get married in the perfect setting of a villa located very close to the noisy Piazzale Michelangelo.

Far from the tourists, cars and coaches, the small road that leads back downtown takes to Colle Ginevra, a villa tucked away into the green hill and with a breathtaking terrace opening on the valley, where you can almost reach out and touch the dome of the Cathedral.

One of the moments I love the most during a photo shoot in Tuscany is the preparation, and this time it’s even more special, because my lenses are concentrated on the groom and his son. The love and care Matthew shows in preparing him is amazing. Eventually, everything is ready for the first look. The bride is walking down the stairs, while the groom is waiting on the ground floor. A smile, a kiss, and the ceremony can begin. The most touching moment was during the exchange of the vows, when a very moved bride cried happy tears. And lastly, the crucial moment of the exchange of the rings, with their child there, a testimony of the strength of their love. How lovely to be able to celebrate all three together! After the ceremony, the welcomed toast and a nice walk to the Church of San Miniato a Monte, for the bridal shooting with the backdrop of the wonderful city of Florence, with the river Arno and its marvelous bridges shining in the distance.

It’s getting late, so we walk back to Colle Ginevra, and the waiting guests. The sun is already setting and the sky is turning a wonderful yellow. The guests take their seats for the wedding reception and I say goodbye to all, thanking them for the beautiful day spent together.



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