honeymoon photographer in Florence for your top photosession

Honeymoon photosession in Florence

Honeymoon photosession in Florence why not? If you have choosed to getting married in your country, close to your family and friends is fine. But many couples dream  to realize an amazing photosession in Florence.

So you can choose to travel in the most romantic city in the world after the ceremony, to realize a great honeymoon photosession in Florence . After the official wedding you can reach Tuscany and the romantic Florence. You need to spend just around two hours to come true your dream.

Many couples think you need a lot of hours to shoot a perfect photosession for your honeymoon photosession in Florence, but if you choose the right Florence photographer with the right experience, everything will be OK in around two hours. Of course you need a professional photographer, based in Florence. He will know the perfect spots where to shoot and then. Yes, because every place change according the light . It dipence on season and time.

For example you can find the perfect light during the sunset and the sun rise. Florence is a crowd city, many people move around you, so it’s really difficult to shoot when the most of the tourists crowd the streets. As professionals Florence photography I know when and where to realize my couple session in Florence. I usually prefer to have two sessions, the first in the centre of Florence and the second on the Florentine hills, where you can have the best views on Florence as background.

About “when”, if you can choose the season, I suggest you to come to Florence or in spring or in autumn. During the summer, Florence is really hot and umid, and the light isn’t so good. September and a October offer a warm beautiful light, expecially at the sunset. So if your questions is come to Italy or not for your honeymoon photosession in Florence the right answer is, yes of course!

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