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Let me tell you a little about how I work. My style is contemporary journalistic and I like spontaneous shots with no forced poses. I will always stay close to you in order to capture every minute detail of your special day, discreetly, almost invisibly, but I am always there.

I believe that knowing the location for the wedding is essential in order to get the most from your shots. For this reason, even though I already know the location, I prefer to get there before the agreed time in order to pin down the most enchanting points of light. It is possible to take photos of the couple, the bride and groom, after the ceremony, taking advantage of those settings that only Tuscany can provide.

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Duccio Argentini Photography

Phone: +39 348 33 70 110


Facebook: Duccio Argentini Wedding Photography Florence

Instagram: duccioargentini

P. IVA 05596420488

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