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Autumn wedding in Florence, Villa la Vedetta


Hellen and Chapman programmed their wedding in Florence for the first days of October at Villa la Vedetta,

one of the most beautiful and elegant venues overlooking the city. I love Autumn weddings, the light is really lovely and the temperatures are pleasant. Most of the tourists have fled the city and it’s easier to take good pictures without the typical Summer chaos.

Upon my arrival at the villa, I immediately went to the bride and groom’s room. Yes, they were in the same room! This couple decided to prepare for the wedding together and they were helping each other to get ready: unusual yet romantic!

After documenting the preparation of the spouses I took some time for the photos of details, such as the bouquet and the decoration of the venue. Everything was finally ready for this symbolic outdoor ceremony overlooking Florence and the view from Villa la Vedetta’s terrace is truly unique.

Chapman was traditionally waiting for the bride, who finally arrived. The moment the bride and groom look in each other eyes for a few seconds before the start of the ceremony is always magical.

The symbolic rite was quite short but full of emotions. After the promises, they could finally exchange the rings and tell the world that they were officially married!

They decided to celebrate this special day with an intimate group of relatives and friends! After a toast for the newlyweds under the Autumn sun, we went for a walk towards Piazzale Michelangelo, where I took some photos of the couple. A sun already low on the horizon and snug, warm light, created a perfect combination for the couple session at Piazzale Michelangelo.

At sunset, we headed back towards Villa la Vedetta. Dinner was ready and I backed off a bit to leave the couple some space. After the speeches, it was time for the cutting of the cake. My work for this very nice couple from Honk Kong was done, leaving me with a sense of gratefulness and joy.




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