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A spring engagement session in Florence

One of my first photo services of this year was an florence engagement session. I have realized it in Spring and I had a lot of fun.

A lovely young couple from New York contacted me for their engagement photoshoot. Initially, they were thinking of San Gimignano but while we were talking they ended up choosing the magical city of Florence.

We have organized this engagement photoshoot in Florence dividing it into two parts, one in the historical city center and one in the area of the Florentine hills.

During the first part, in the heart of the old city, we took some photos near the Arno river, at the Ponte Vecchio and then in Piazza Signoria and Piazza Duomo. Although I have been doing this kind of service for many years, every time I discover new corners and new landscapes. I don’t know if it is the magic of the city, but this allows me to create completely new images each time. Even the light is always different and my beautiful Florence looks different and new to me every time.

The second part of the shooting took place on the Florentine hills, where you can get photos with the beautiful city skyline in the background.

A place I love is the area of ​​the San Miniato a Monte basilica, a stone’s throw from Piazzale Michelangelo. I usually try to take my photos as close to the sun as possible, to have the colors of the sunset reflecting on the Florentine Arno river.

The crowds of tourists are certainly one of the biggest problems when you want to create a beautiful photoshoot in Florence. A professional photographer knows how to avoid the problem. The key is to catch the perfect moment, choosing specific times for the service, and to be familiar with lesser-known, charming spots.

This is exactly what I did for Jane and Matt: a walk in the city center in the early afternoon and to the hills in the evening.

A photo session like this lasts about two hours and this allows me to create lots of images, in many different spots.




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