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A dream wedding in Florence at Villa le Fontanelle

A dream wedding in Florence at Villa le Fontanelle: this is what Malisa and Mickey, a Mexican couple who dreamed of a religious marriage in Florence, managed to achieve.

Their priority was to find an elegant structure close to the center of the city of Florence and Villa le Fontanelle was the best choice for them: the villa is just a few minutes’ drive from the historic center but, despite its proximity, it is located in a panoramic position, overlooking the most beautiful monuments of the Tuscan capital.

When I arrived at the villa everything was ready for the wedding. The colorful flowers were everywhere, both at the entrance of the villa and on the long table that would host the wedding dinner. The ceremony was about to begin and the guests were walking towards the small church inside the property.

The bride entered the main gate and slowly descended along the avenue towards us.

The car stopped near the church and I made a small to Malisa, so she wouldn’t get immediately off the car. I love to capture the looks between the bride and her father, these moments are full of emotion.

After taking a few photos they started to walk slowly towards the church. The radiant look of the bride seemed to illuminate the little environment while she was smiling at the future husband. Finally, the ceremony started. The ritual was very intimate, thanks to the celebrant who was a close friend of the couple.

Once the wedding was celebrated, everybody was ready for the party.

Outside the church we organized group photos with relatives and friends and then we took some time for couple photos in the magnificent garden of Villa le Fontanelle.

After the couple session, Malisa and Mickey enjoyed the aperitif in the garden, between laughs and a hugs, until dinner time. As the sun went down, the atmosphere changed completely: the candle lights created a fairytale atmosphere and the façade of the villa was cleverly lit in order to create magical effects.

During the dinner I had fun taking photos of speeches and celebrations. The evening ended with the first dance, an incredibly exciting moment. The scenography was characterized by pyrotechnic effects called “cold fireworks”.

A dream wedding in Florence at Villa le Fontanelle is something that every foreign couple should have. A dream that finally come true for Malisa and Mickey. If you want to know more about Villa le Fontanelle, take a look here: https://www.tuscanypeople.com/villa-le-fontanelle/



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